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How To Make Your Own Carrot Oil At Home

We all know the many benefits of carrot oil. The best part is that it can be used for many things as well. For glowing skin, voluminous hair, to reduce inflammation, you can even consume it. Carrot oil can be used in may great ways and I'm going to show you guys how to make your very own carrot oil in your own kitchen.

So there are two ways to make original carrot oil. They include the frying method and the boiling method. Both methods result to the same oil so ensure to use any method you prefer.

You'd need:

1) Coconut oil (or olive oil, this serves as a base or carrier oil)

2) Carrots.

3) Vitamin E.

4) Any essential oil of your choice but this is optional (e.g lemongrass essential oil, turmeric essential oil)


1) Wash and peel your carrots to ensure they are clean. 

2) Grate into a bowl.

3) Get a jar and pour a specified amount of coconut oil into it.

4) Pour the grated carrots into the jar with the coconut oil. 

5) Cover the jar but not completely. This is very essential so the jar won't break during the next step. 

6) Put the jar of coconut oil and carrot into boiling water. If you cover the jar completely, it would break the glass and may cause injury. 

7) Boil for thirty minutes.

8) Leave to cool and then sieve to remove the grated carrots (shaft)

9) Transfer your oil to a jar or bottle and add 2 drops of essential oil to it. (Optional)

10) All done!


1) Wash and peel the carrots to ensure they are clean. 

2) Grate into a bowl. 

3) Pour a specified amount of coconut oil into the bowl. 

4) Pour the mixture into a clean and dry frypan. 

5) Fry for twenty minutes and sieve.

6) Leave to cool.

7) Transfer to a clean jar or bottle.

8) Add 2 drops of essential oil in it. This step is optional as well.

9) All done!

So you see! You can make your own carrot oil in a matter of minutes. You can also package it properly and sell to people to make an extra income on the side.


Content created and supplied by: NuellaBrown (via Opera News )


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