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Meet The Woman That Has Not Washed Her Hair in 20 Years

This woman whose name is Jiam, hails from Grant, Thailand has not cut or washed her hair in more than 20 years in fear of bringing bad luck to herself.

When Jiam reached her thirties, her hair started to naturally twill together, but instead of cutting or washing it, she asked her village elders for advice. And they told her that cutting or washing her hair would bring terrible bad luck to her.

The superstitious woman heeded their advice and refused to touch her hair in fear of calamity befalling her. Over the next 20 years, her hair grew into one enormous dread lock which she still refuses to cut or wash so as to avoid any bad luck. According to the elders in her village, her matted hair is a gift from the deity and should not be cut.

This strange woman has really got people talking on social medias especially on Facebook. A lot of people find her very strange and her action of not cutting or washing her for over 20 weird as well.

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