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5 Signs That Indicate That You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra

Although women ought to wear bras most of the time especially when they are heading out, they might experience discomfort sometimes. Normally, bras shouldn't cause discomfort to women, so if you experience any, it is a sign that you are not wearing a suitable bra and such bras need to be changed to prevent.

Below are 5 signs that reveal that your bra needs to be changed.

1. Breathing difficulty

If you wear an extremely tight bra, you might have difficulty breathing, this is because such bras put pressure on the area around your ribs, although you will still be able to breathe, you might discover that you may have to put more effort into breathing. Try to get a bra that fits you appropriately to avoid this.

Image credit: MedPharmRes, Zivame

2. Back pain.

Back pain is very common especially when women wear the wrong bra. Pain around your neck and back means your bra is too tight for your bust area.

Image credit: Henry Ford Health System, YouTube.

3. Headache

Headache can occur whenever you wear an ill-fitting bra, the bra straps put pressure on your shoulders, neck, and the upper part of your back.

Image credit: New York Post

4. Your boobs begin to stretch or sag.

Although saggy boobs could arise due to natural causes, they can also occur as a result of wearing the wrong bra. If your bra is loose or doesn't provide you with adequate support, your Cooper's ligament (a ligament that holds the boobs) might stretch, hence, sagging results. Always wear an adequate bra with appropriate fitting to prevent your bust area from sagging.

Image credit: Shutterstock, Naija daily.

5. Pain or irritation under the breasts.

If you remove your bra and you realize that there is a line beneath your bust area, or you feel pain underneath the boobs, then you might be wearing the wrong bra, or you need to get a new bra because the old bra is worn out. Pain and irritations could also result from wearing underwire bras, always ensuring that your underwire bra is of the appropriate size.

Image credit: University Health News

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