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30 colourful and unique bantu knots hairstyles you might want to try.

Bantu knots hairstyle is a beautiful and classy hairstyle. They can be classified as old school or modern hairstyles because of how versatile they can be.

The Bantu knot hairstyle is loved by many and we have seen a lot of celebrities both home and abroad rock this hairstyle.

It does not matter the type of hair texture you have, you will look fabulous in Bantu knots and it takes a lot of confidence to rock it.

It is such a classic hairstyle and it never goes out of trend. You can make the Bantu knots with your natural hair or you could use hair extension, the choice is yours.

You could even play with different colours with this hairstyle.

The amount you want to knot is totally up to you but if it is more than two knots, then it qualifies as a Bantu knot hairstyle.

Here are 30 ideas for you to try.

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