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How to Find Your Personal Style Without Consulting A Fashion Stylist

Fashion and beauty, as we all know, is not all about following trends; it goes far beyond that. In fact, for you to be considered fashionable, you must not follow every trend. You have to discover your own style, know what works best for you and stick to it.


This article will help you discover your personal style without consulting any fashion designer.



Here is how to find your personal style:

1. The first step is to know yourself.

There is a popular quote which says that style and fashion are a very simple way to say who you are without having to speak. Therefore, the first thing you have to put into serious consideration is to find out who you really are. Wear only clothes that align with your personality. These are the types of clothes you should buy more of.

2. Pay attention to what people like best about you when you dress up; this method necessitates focus and careful observation.

What’s that particular thing the people around you never fail to admire about you whenever you are fully dressed? Is it the type of shoes you wear or your style of jacket or the lovely belts on your waist? Whatever they are, they make up your style strengths, so try to take note of them so that you won't forget. And you should always try as much as possible to go with outfits that magnify your strengths all the time, and stop wearing those ones that make you feel incomplete.

3. Carefully go through the content of your wardrobe.

Look at the types of clothes, shoes, and bags in your box or wardrobe. What style matches your taste? Pick them out and arrange them specially.

You have to also take note of clothes or shoes that appear repeatedly in your wardrobe. They appear repeatedly because you have been buying them over and over again. This shows that you like them. Please take note of them.

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