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How To Heal Dry Lips.

Dry lips can be really annoying and painful. Everyone gets this feeling at some point especially during the harmattan season. There are a lot of ways to get dry lips treated naturally. When your lips are dry, they just need a lot of moisturizing and protection to help them heal. When treated or cared for the right way, they'll be healed even before you know it.

Below are the best ways to heal dry lips.

1. Use a lip balm that is made from natural plant oils so your lips can heal. Lip balms made from plant oils are very good so long as they were not mixed with perfumes of any kind. Some natural plant oils a good lip balm should contain include mineral oil, shea butter, beeswax, hemp seeds oil and castor oil.

2. Lip balms with fragrance and harsh ingredients should be avoided totally. Some lip balms do not contain natural ingredients. They contain harsh ingredients that can dry out the lips more. Before buying any lip balm, carefully check the ingredients. Some ingredients that dry out the lips are salicylic acid, phenyl, oxybenzone, lanolin, menthol, propyl, eucalyptus ND camphor. Flavourings and fragrances are not left out too as they also dry the lips. If you presently make use of lip balms and they contain any of the ingredients listed above, discontinue use.

3. The best and most simple lip moisturizer is petroleum jelly. It is the primary ingredient in most lip balms out there. It's perfect in healing dry lips as it deeply moisturizes the lips because it's very thick and locks in moisture perfectly.

4. Avoid licking your lips in a bid to wet them.

5. Drink lots of water to keep your lips hydrated.

6. Don't breathe through your mouth to avoid dry lips. Always breathe through your nose.

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