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The Return Of Bomber Jackets

The Bomber jacket is a timeless fashion item that has come back to stay in 2021. It used to be reserved for pilots and old men back in the days but have become accessible to everyone. It can be styled in different ways. Some of them are seen below.

1. With jeans 

A bomber jacket worn with a blue or black jean trouser is perfect for a night out with your friends on a friday night.

2. With cotton trousers

Serves as blazers and should be worn with dark coloured trousers so you don’t look much older than you are. Paired with a suede or cotton trouser with a pair of shoes will be perfect for a Friday office wear.

3. With collar shirt

Give your shirt a cool tone from the serious, usual shirt and tie with a bomber jacket.

4. With a T-Shirt

Wearing a tee shirt on a jean is no longer considered special in the world of fashion, however, putting on a bomber jacket will add some style to it, giving you the business casual style.

 5. With a face cap or hat

Throw a face cap, wool cap or hat over your bomber jacket worn with a pair of trouser and you’re ready to go for lunch or a meeting at brunch.

 6. With the right shoes

Not wearing the right shoe can break your style. If styled with jean, a suede boot or sneakers will work best.

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