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Skin Care

6 Common Shaving Mistakes That Could Be Wrecking Your Skin

Shaving properly will not only save your skin from cuts and bruises, but it will also save you a lot of money. When you shave hair from your legs, it can make your skin feel itchy and bumpy when it was not done properly.

There are few mistakes some people make when they are shaving, below are 6 common mistakes that could be wrecking your skin.

1 Not changing your razor often

Old razor blades contain bacteria and will no longer be sharp as before, which will prevent you from having a clean shave like the first time you used it. Knowing when to change your shaves or razor blades will depend on how you have been keeping it clean.

2 Not exfoliating before

Exfoliating will help to remove the dead skin so that the razor blade won't be blocked.

3 Shaving with soap

If you don't use shaving foam or gel then you can use substitute things like moisturizer or a conditioner. Avoid using soap because it tends to dry the skin and can leave you with cuts.

4 You don't rinse your blade properly

When you are shaving, your blade takes away the cream, hair, and dead skin cells. So when you don't rinse your blade probably after using it, you will get a skin infection when you want to make use of that same blade again.

5 Not being smooth

When you apply force when shaving, it doesn't guarantee that it will be smooth, but rather what it does is remove more dead skin cells from your blades and cause more harm to your skin.

6 Dry shaving

It is very harmful to shave when the place you are shaving is left dry instead of applying gel to it. It will leave you badly bruised, so always make a show to moisturize your skin before shaving it.

Source: Naijachoice

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