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4 Ways to Look Good Without Wearing a Necklace

Generally, jewelry enhances your beauty and improves your style. A necklace especially beautifies your neckline and draws attention to your upper body. But there are moments when you don't feel like wearing necklaces or any jewelry for that matter.

Besides, some people are allergic to jewelry, so they stay far away from them. You might have been dressing without jewelry for a while now. However, we are certain the few styling tips in this article will help you look more stunning without jewelry.

Choose clothes with detailing

Clothes with some details appear like they look busy on their own. These dresses include heavily patterned clothes, a belt, embellished tops, and floral dresses.

Wear a statement dress

Another common way to look attractive without a neckpiece of jewelry is to wear a statement dress. For instance, if you have a very bright-colored dress, suit, or top, you can wear them when you don't feel like wearing jewelry. 

Let your hair down

One way to look gorgeous and younger is to flaunt your hair by wearing it down. Styles that might help you achieve a sunny look when you leave it down include braids, curls, and your natural hair styled neatly. Meanwhile, this tip can only work for women with long hair.

Be bold with other accessories

Pieces of jewelry aren't the only accessories that enhance appearances. You can make the most of luxury bags, berets, scarves, shows with stones, fancy bags, and so on.

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