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Men be careful, these make up transformations might confuse you.

The world is transforming and make up is one of the things transforming.Now every woman or lady wants to be Beautiful than her real self,mixing various chemicals on their face so as to beat ugliness,but many people don't know that a beautiful lady doesn't need a make up.

While many say it's fun to make up,many say it's to beat ugliness and many claim make up is done to match the colours of their face and body together.

Let's take a look at some unexplainable transformations;Even the old mothers in their 80s want to feel among,how is that possible you might ask but make has the ability to do that,it's chemicals are so strong and they can cover any sort of facial ugliness be it tribal marks,burns, wrinkles or dark spots.

Let's take a look at some of our Granny's and their make up transformationA make up box is costly but many ladies won't care to know how much it cost,provided it makes them beautiful that they can now fit well within their peers.Everyone wants to live the life of the party lets check out more pictures;Are you surprised or amazed or confused with this transformation?

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