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Five Unstylish Things You Need to Stop Doing

Even if you are indifferent about your style, there are certain unstylish things you shouldn’t be seen doing. Note that these unstylish trends are not mistakes; rather, they are a result of disregard. It doesn’t take much to enhance your style, as long as you follow basic steps.

1. Keeping dirty nails

No one says you shouldn’t keep nails; however, it must be neat. Dirty nails say nothing, but a lazy and dirty person. Besides, your nails might be harboring many harmful germs. A simple hack to ensure your nails are neat is to keep them short.

2. Not wearing a singlet or undershirt.

When you don’t wear an undershirt or singlet, sweat from your body ruins your cloth. That means you will be spending more money changing your wardrobe. Besides, it is another means of building up odor under your arms.

3. Repeating underwear

Investing in several under wears is an unnegotiable fashion tip. If you won’t repeat your clothes three times consecutively in a week, why would you do the same to your boxers just because no one can see them?

4. Neglecting your shoe collections

 While you can’t have specific shoes for an outfit, you should invest in a fe varieties instead of repeating one several times. A trick to this is to ensure you have certain shoes for different occasions. For instance, you should have a pair of shoes for formal, casual, birthday parties, a quick errand, shopping, etc.

5. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

Declutter your wardrobe and give out tight clothes. Wearing them makes you look like a high schoolboy.

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