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See Photos Of Cakes That Looks Like Shoe, Toilet Paper, Coconut, Soap And So Many Other Items

In recent years our cake designers have improved to the extent that they now create Cakes to look like different objects. We have seen photos of cake that looks like car, human or even Halloween. We have even seen cake that looks like a bucket of garri or even a living room. Cake Designers have improved and it is for our own good, because a party is not complete without a well designed cake.

Although we have seen different Cake Designs we haven't seen cake that looks exactly like shoes, coconut, soap or even tissue paper. Today I was browsing through the internet when I saw photos of cakes that looks like Toilet paper, shoe, soap, cream and other items. What is more surprising is that these objects looks so real that you will hardly believe they were cakes.

Check out the photos of the cakes below and tell us what you think in the comment section.

This is a cake and not a coconut

This is a cake and not towels

This tissue paper look so real

What About This shoe

What about this Soap cake

Flour Vase cake

Pizza Cake

This is really surprising, banana cake

More photos

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Shoe Soap Toilet Paper


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