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17 Brilliant Ways to Get The Lips Of Your Dreams

17 Brilliant Ways to Get The Lips Of Your Dreams

Lips are part of the body that makes ladies beautiful and attractive. If you are a lady or you have a girlfriend, you will want to check out these tips to make your lips look beautiful. These are different ways that will make your lips look healthy and luxurious and at the minimum cost.

1. While lip balm serves as a wonderful foundation for your lipstick or lip gloss, it also helps to softens your lips. You can always apply it to your lips

2. If you are worried about the brightness of your lipstick, you can apply only a thin layer first. Now, spread this thin layer across the surface of your lips with careful movements of the lips.

3. Apply two your lipstick in two different layers to make your lips look fuller. To do this, first apply a darker layer over your lips and then apply a lighter one on it. Now blend them together.

4. If you want a matte shade for your lips, apply a thin layer of translucent powder on top of the lipstick. Allow it to stay for a minute and then brush off the excess off your lips.

5. You don't have your lipstick and it is an emergency? This is what you can do; mix a little vase line with your eye shadow and use your finger to apply it to your lip.

6. To draw an accurate line with your lip liner, blunt its tip with a tissue or a cotton pad.

7. If you don't want to make a mistake with your lip liner when using it, make sure you purchase it with the lipstick they pair with it. The shades will also match!

8. If you have difficulty choosing or using lip liner colors that you have, you can mix two or more to get a new shade for your lips.

9. Do you want to use the ombre technique? Do this by making the edges and corners of your lips darker than the centre. This will make the transition from the light to the dark to be very soft.

10. Pass a toothbrush over your lips regularly to make them looks tender and soft.

11. Apply lip gloss to the center of your lips if you have thin lips and they will look fuller than before.

12. Apply a thin layer of translucent powder on top of your lip gloss and it won't become smudged or smeared. You can later blot it with tissue.

13. To get the "natural sheen" look on your lips, you should apply a little highlighter to the middle of your lips.

14. With the use of a lip liner, draw a thin line slightly above the edge of your lips and fill in with lipstick. This will help you accentuate your lips.

15. Unless this have to go in line with your overall style of makeup, avoid using dark shades of lipstick. Such shades make your lips appear smaller.

16. You can blend any lip peel mask with food color and apply this to your lips if you want natural pink lips. After 10 minutes (or when it dries), start peeling it off from one corner to the other until you finally remove it all.

17. If you are making use of bright lip gloss or lipstick, watch out for the direction through which you are applying it to your lips. The direction should be to the corners from the center. Your lips will look fuller and shine brighter.

I'm sure this tips are helpful. You will not be stranded in emergency situations again. Please like and share this post and don't forget to follow us.

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