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Hijab Babes Vs Celestial Babes: Who Has Got More Beauty And Swags? See For Yourself

Hijab Babes Vs Celestial Babes: Who Has Got More Beauty And Swags? See For Yourself

The term 'hijab' is not just an ordinary hair cover for Muslim girls but a command from their God. The Hijab serves a Muslim female accessory that will enhance her beauty and modesty in the society she belongs to. More importantly, the hijab is a requirement for every Muslim lady because they can't enter the mosque without their hijab. If you know a lot of Muslim girls, you'll understand the virtues of the hijab. It brings respect to the lady and no man can joke around her.

The is a garment of modest. However nowadays, most of the Muslim girls wore scarfs in form of hijabs and still yet they look take away.

On the other hand, the Celestial girls - they are the popular Christians but not pentecostal ones. They don't usually put on footwears when to go church. They are always found in a white garment called 'Sutana'. These girls are always referred to as the 'White Angels'. Most of these Celestial babes are always beautiful too whenever they put on their white garments. So today, we're going to compare both religious ladies with their beautiful looking photos. We'll decide who has more beauty and more swags.

See 7 different Photos of them below:



Now that you've seen the pictures, it's left for you guys to decide.

Who has more beauty and more swags between these ladies? Hijab Babes or Celestial Babes?

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