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Checkout this Instagram Influencer and make-up artist that makes make-up 10× interesting

The makeup industry can be dated as far back as the 1910s in US though its origin is as old as 12000 years ago where the Egyptian women wore makeup made of lead ore and copper. This women were known to be as innovative as they could be when it came to their cosmetic needs. Berries were used to darken lips, the ashes of burnt matches were used to darken eyes, and much more. Now in our modern times, people have developed makeup for practically every utilisation you can think of. From making eyes pop with eyeshadow palettes to hiding undesirable pores and so on. Even in movies we seen various use of the makeup to mimick gory scenes, injuries and certain skin irritations.

Well today ,we unravel the makeup life of this of this influencer and the creativity she brings to the table while in front of the camera.

She goes by the name on her Instagram handle @obi_dinma . Her full name however is Obi Chidinma. She hails from Anambra state and is currently a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University of the department of Statistics.

Aside being a creative when it comes to make-up artistry , she is also a business woman and a fashion-geek. She's also a fan of popular makeup artists like Jeffree Star and James Charles. However she brings a different creativity to the desk as she puts in a blend of comic and drama in her videos. Her center focus is on hair and beauty.

Below are some of her make up works.

Click here to see how the video was made.

The blood effect!!

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