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How to rock colorful blazers

You have probably had the thought that colorful attires don’t belong in your wardrobe, especially a blazer. Well, you might be wrong.

No cloth can't survive in your wardrobe regardless of your age or fashion principle. It's all about what you merge it with and how you wear your cloth. Importantly, simplicity is more important when it comes to colorful blazers. This article will show you how you can wear your colorful blazers without getting people to strain their eyes at you.

Red or wine blazer 

As you can see, a red or wine blazer will fit into any place when you wear it with a white T-shirt and beige or black trousers. Another similar shade is burgundy which is cooler and can make you appear elegant.

Light blue blazer

If you dread blue, you can take inspiration from the sky by appearing in a light blue blazer. Other attractive shades of blue you can select include aqua, teal, pastel, and turquoise. Pair with black denim or khaki trousers.

Purple blazer 

You may need some confidence to rock this blazer without feeling intimidated. Dress it up with beige or grey pants. Also, ensure your shoes have a dark shade to complement your entire outfit.

Pink blazer

Don't worry; you won't immediately turn to a girl. Jokes apart, a soft or dormant shade of pink will look good on you. Pair with a dark pair of trousers and black shoes. Whatever color of blazer you eventually choose, ensure it blends with your skin tone and color.

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