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How to Style Jeans Skirt for Formal Occasions

We have talked about denim skirts making rounds among fashionistas. They are beautiful, stylish, and flexible for virtually all casual occasions you can think of. However, one question that often bothers the lovers of denim skirts is, "Can you wear jeans skirt do work?" The answer depends on the principle of your place of work. 

For example, some workplaces are flexible with their dressing on Fridays and would allow jeans. While some workplaces allow casual dressing on Fridays, jeans are out of the options. So, your first job is to confirm if you can wear jeans to work. If the answer is yes, congratulations. 

However, there are still some things to consider when styling jeans skirts to work. Whatever you wear, ensure you look smart, organized, and formal. Check out the following factors before wearing your jeans skirt to work.

Choose a dark color

If jeans skirt is allowed in your company, it is best to wear a dark color because it is plain. Besides, you can easily pair any cloth with black, and it won't be easily obvious that you are putting on jeans.

Avoid distressed or fray jeans

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Distressed jeans and frayed jeans can direct unnecessary attention to your dressing. Trust me; you don't want this. Instead, go for a jeans skirt with finished and neat seams.


Your jeans skirt needs to fit well and be of the appropriate length - top of the knee or a little below. 

Pair with a dress shirt 

Pairing your black jeans skirt with a dress shirt will make you look formal and serious. Since it's a casual Friday, you can leave your shirt undone.

Wear the right shoes

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Flats, such as moccasin, mules, and Oxford shoes, make you stand out and look stylish. You may also wear any comfortable high heels.

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