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13 Fabulous Henna Designs to try out for Ramadan

Wadddup Fashionistas,

Henna designs are one of the most fabulous inscriptions I’ve ever seen on the human skin.

Mehndi, otherwise known as henna, is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck.

Although they have been used over time for other numerous reasons, the henna designs are mostly used on brides during their wedding.

This is because there are some chemical components in henna that have been said to reduce stress and provide soothing relief.

Please note, unless you come from a country that accepts henna as part of it’s traditional practise, there is no reason for you to wear henna.

Not only is it disrespectful, it also lacks sensitivity.

13 Fabulous Henna Designs for Ramadan

Henna is one of the stuffs that makes you look very attractive I can't live without henna I'm so in love with it it must be on my hand daily why don't you guys try it out too.

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Henna Mehndi Ramadan Wadddup


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