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See Adorable Pictures Of Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria And Pictures Of Girls With Wrong Makeup

A famous provarb states that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" which is eventually a true statement. Africa ladies have been recognized globally for their sense of humor and also their beauty despite their skin colour which was first descriminated before civilization.

In 2018 a pretty young Nigeria girl was said to be the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, despite her beauty many believe she was overhyped by those who gave her some accolades for her beauty. Here's some of her pictures.

Another provarb also states that "all girls are beautiful its just a matter of maintaining your self". The quest for attraction and beauty for ladies can make them go extra mile just to look good when they step out. For same reason, a huge number of girls have thrown away their beauty due to bleaching of their skin, wrong dress, wrong hair styles and also wrong make up. See some pictures below.

The truth is girls don't really need alot of makeup to look beautiful, a simple makeup is ok while for others they look good even without a touch of makeup on their face. Check out these pictures below.

For me I don't think it's a nice ideal for ladies to wear makeup simply because most times it gives a wrong impression about them. What do you suggest?

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