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Latest 2020 Ankara styles You Will love to sew

This top 2020 styles are the one you are going to try so soon,these styles can be wore to weddings,Birthday party,convocation,church,date,and lot more.

This styles are made from ankara,lacra and lace or many more clothing.

 This styles are sewed by tailors,when sewed many types of shoes can go with it e.g canvass,snickers,slippers,high heel top shoes and different types of shoes.

(1)Ankara short gown:This can be worn to parties,churches and lot more place,this Is easy to put on,without difficulties.Many types of shoes can be worn together with it.The best place to wear this to is a party,were You would be able to dance freely.

(2)Lacral short gown:This Is a type of gown That is sewn from lacral and everybody can wear it,be it the old,Young,and adult.Any type of shoes goes along with it.

(3)Ankara long gown:This gown can be worn to many different occasion e.g party,graduation,church,this Is better worn to churches,all types of shoes in the world can be worn to i(1)A

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