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Types Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own


Jewelry is a collection of ornaments that beautify the human body and also add a glow to any outfit. They are usually worn for several purposes, most especially for the sake of looking beautiful. There are so many types of jewelry for both men and women, but ladies have been very consistent and dedicated when it comes to the area of combining their clothes with jewelry. 

It is true that not every woman wears jewels, but for the sake of those who really love jewels, we will display different types of jewelry you should have;

1. Earrings.

Earrings are those categories of jewelry every woman should have in her wardrobe so that she can adorn her ears whenever she's going out.



2. Necklace;

Necklaces are the type of jewelry every woman can use to adorn her neck. Some usually come with small pendants, Adding a nice pendant to your necklace will draw a lot of attention to your neck, and if the pendant eventually gets to your chest region, it will even add more beauty. 

Necklaces can be worn with any outfit, be it a plain pair of trousers, jeans, native wear or a gown.

3. Bracelet: Bracelets are jewelries that are worn around the wrist.

If it is tightly held and has no allowance, then it can be called a bangle. If it is worn on the ankle, then it can be called an anklet. Bracelets add extra beauty and elegance to your outfit. When buying bracelets, make sure you go for the ones that match your style.

4. Rings: Rings are small round pieces of jewelry that are typically worn on one finger.

Some women wear them on their noses, while others have numerous piercings in their ears.Rings aren’t just a form of marital commitment; they are also used for the sake of fashion alone. 

5. Diamond Wristwatch:


A diamond wrist watch can be worn with any type of outfit, and it can be worn to any event.


6. Brooch: A brooch is usually used to beautify the top. It can be worn with both native and English outfits.

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