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How to treat the split dry ends of your natural hair

The natural hair grows from the root which means the tips of your hair is the oldest part of your hair.If you have a long hair, it means the tips of your hair have gone through thick and thin with you for several years. The styling, the combing, the gel, the braids, the hot comb, the stretching, everything- the tips of your hair has gone through it all.

The ends or tips of your hair is the most weakest part of your hair. Due to all the manipulation it has gotten sober time, you might have a split end. 

Split ends is when the tips of your hair is brittle or dry or when your hair tips are like a torn rope or is shrinked.

Split ends as stated earlier can be caused by heat, friction, styling, brushing, detangling, the environment and even what you consume.

How do I treat my split ends?

Split ends are irreversible and the only way to save your hair is to trim it. If you can't do it yourself, go to a saloon.

Split ends means your hair is damaged and it will split down to your roots of you don't trim it and on time too.

How do I prevent split ends?

- Be gentle whenever you are doing anything to your hair.

- Drink loads of water so you can be hydrated.

- Avoid using heat on your hair like hot comb, stretcher and the likes of it.

- Always strengthen your hair with a good deep conditioner.

- Don't use towel to dry your hair as they cause friction. Just air dry it.

- Wear a satin or silk material to keep your hair protected.

- Always keep your hair moisturized.

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