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This isn't Photoshop. These are real-life mind-blowing makeup by world-famous makeup artist

Mimi Choi is a Canadian-based makeup illusionist.

She challenges people’s perceptions of reality by using her face as a canvas to paint over the top, realistic high definition,3d makeup.

She has amassed an Instagram fanbase of a over 1.3 Million due to her creative approach in makeup illusion.

One of the things fans love about her is that she doesn't just post pictures, sometime she shares videos of how she achieves her peculiar make up looks to her you-tube followers so others can join in and learn the creative process as well.

Her unique makeup talent and perspective has earned her collaborations with prominent brands including, MAC, Sephora, Samsung, and Capital Records

The beauty icon also offers private makeup lessons as well as bridal makeup and hair services when she is not painting her own face.

And of course sometimes she does makeup for others as welI.

In an interview with Carrie's chronicles she answered the following questions.

1. When did you try your first makeup?

"I did my first makeup illusion for Halloween in 2013 and the image went viral. I was surprised by how people appreciated the talent and it definitely inspired me to do more"

2. Did you go to any formal makeup school or recieve any formal makeup education?

"Yes I did"

3. Does it feel scary sometimes doing what you do?

"Yes but I continue because I love what i do, makeup is a passion for me"

4. What inspires your makeup looks?

"Everyday objects, from textures to patterns to even colors, I am even inspired sometimes by digital artists"

5. Do you use photoshop sometimes to alter the pictures?

"I have never tried photoshop. That's why I always offer video tutorials for each makeup look so that no one will have room for doubt that everyone of this look was achieved purely by makeup and camera-angle.

6. Do you have any advice for people wanting to be professional makeup artists?

"Just be yourself and chase your dreams"

Here are some of her other works below:

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