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Why do ladies harm themselves just for beauty?See what this lady did that got people reacting

The rate at which ladies endanger themselves for things that are irrelevant is alarming. Some ladies go through pain just to look different. 

This video was made available on twitter. In this video a lady was seen getting her tongue pierced. She was seen trying to hold her pain. I just commend her for going through the pain considering the thickness of the tongue muscles. But in truth, there was no need for having a tongue pierced (my opinion though). The sad thing about the process of the piercing, is that the person performing the act was using his bare hands, which is not supposed to be. It's unhygienic for the both. He should have used a hand glove for the act. 

Many people reacted negatively to the video. It is needless for a lady to pass through such pain for something that is hardly visible to the eyes of others. 

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