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3 Ways To Organize Your Handbags To Avoid An Untidy Closet

Many women at a point in time has been in a situation where they can't seem to find their handbags because they were arranged in a disorganized way.

Thinking of ways to sort out your handbags can be difficult and brain tasking. Using these 3 simple methods to organize your purses will go a long way to help you locate them when you are in need of it.

1) Organize your handbags by types

Over the years handbags has become more than a vessel for carrying things, it has now become an important part of everyday fashion, that is why people have different types of handbags to go with different styles of dressing.

For easy identification, you can sort your handbags into shoulder bags, cross body bags, Tote bags, Satchel bags and Backpack purses.

2) Organize Your Handbags by colour

Some ladies have different colours of handbags in their closet, whether it's a yellow Satchel or a red shoulder bag, you can organise all the yellow on a shelf where it can be easily accessible for use.

3) Organize your Handbags by size

This may not seem important to some, but size is one of the most basic consideration when organizing your handbags collection.

Large style of bags can be arranged together while the mini ones can be put in the same place.

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