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3 Rarest Eye Colors People Actually Have.

What's the first thing you recognize about a person? Is it their hair, ears, nose, teeth or their eyes? If you think hard enough the feature, you're likely to notice first is the one that is most obvious unusually coloured. Eyes for example are certain to make you take a second glance in someone's direction. Here are 3 rarest eye colors people actually have.

3. Red eye. After a big night out clubbing many of us have woken up the next morning looking less than chipper. Bloodshot eyes are masked by dark sunglasses and hangover remedies are reached for. This little girl features in a video that went viral all on social media, racking up thousands of views, comments, shares and reactions all over the world and not because she's a descendant of the devil or Count Dracula. She suffers from the rare genetic condition albinism. Born with a lack of skin pigment in their bodies, albinos are so wipe. They are almost see-through and their hair is white as snow. It's considered very rare to see a person with such an extraordinary eye color. Hence the over-the-top reaction on social media. The reason behind the uncommon eye color however is simple. Just as vampires can't cope with sunlight neither can albinos. Their eyes are extremely sensitive to light as their Iris doesn't have the amount of color needed to protect and shield it from the Sun.

2. Bright Eye.

Eyes are what is often the first thing you capture when you meet someone, particularly if they're amazing. In fact, people can have the most ordinary features, but they're gorgeous eyes really attract attention. They stand out in the crowd, captivate the masses with some more dramatic than others. If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you'll know what I'm talking about with actor. Jesse Williams who plays Dr. Jackson Avery. One famous example is dark skin, good looks and piercing blue eyes are a real measures in place to draw attention or often light bright colored eyes with turquoise classified as the most beautiful a mix of blue and greens. These colored eyes are rare. A few of the most common eye colors however, also attract attention particularly if there's a dark outline around them making them appear more dramatic. The way a person's eyes contrast with the color of their skin also has a huge effect on how beautiful their eyes are. So too does the shape of the eye. If you have eyes that you feel are not ordinary all is not lost. You can experiment with any color of the rainbow with a set of contact lenses. Now, isn't that a relief?

1. Mirrored eye. The eyes are the window to the soul, and people could be forgiven for getting lost in the eyes of some but your eyes wouldn't want if you've ever looked into someone's eyes and thought you can see your reflection. You may not have been hallucinating, it is actually possible. Some people have eyes that are so dark brown and they resemble a mirror. When you're standing in front of them, you can actually see your reflection in their eyes. These eyes are not only breathtaking. They're also very rare and very beautiful. Adding a mysterious quality to the individual that has them, mirrored eyes are both unique and intriguing. Whatever color your eyes are, they are truly unique and can never be replicated like snowflakes. The features of each are completely different and therefore magnificent no matter what their color and at the worst if you don't like them change them. Non prescription lenses are all the rage and the color choices are endless, simply pick one.

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