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Skin Care

Blue Light Is Harming Your Skin. Here's What You Need to Do

What is blue light?

By definition, blue light is high-energy visible light emitted by the sun, computer screens, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, and even LED lighting. It is at the origin of a contemporary problem: digital pollution.

Dangers of Blue Light

Blue light has caused a new phenomenon called digital aging. This is due to a dramatic increase in light pollution in the form of blue light and it is extremely harmful, hampering the skin's natural maintenance and repair processes. The skin, subjected to this artificial radiation, shows signs of accelerated aging with the premature appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other pigment spots. But also, blue light considerably increases skin stress thereby damaging cellular (proteins, lipids, and DNA) and extra-cellular (collagen and elastin) structures.

How to protect yourself

Here are a few useful and simple tips for you to ensure your skin remains supple and young and retains its glow.

Use Blue light filters

Investing in blue light filters for your phone and laptop screens can go a long way in ensuring your skin remains flawless.

Avoid taking your devices to bed at any cost.

Remove mobile phones and other devices at least half an hour before bedtime to allow your body to follow its normal sleep-wake cycle. Not only is this good for the body but also for the skin because it is during sleeping hours when the skin repairs and regenerates itself.

Use sunblock or sunscreen

Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will help shield you from blue light. Mineral sunscreens have these in them.

Use antioxidant skincare products

Face washes or face moisturizers that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid will all help counter the harmful effects of blue light. You can also take oral antioxidant supplements such as superoxide dismutase, vitamin A, C, E, and beta carotene supplements.

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