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5 Style Tips On How You Can Make Old Outfits Feel New Again

Most women are continuously on the lookout for new ways to feel and look beautiful without having to buy new clothes or follow the current fashion trends that the fashion industry has to offer.

Shopping your closet first, regardless of your monthly clothes allowance, is always a smart habit to develop. Below are some simple style ideas to help you refresh your look and make outdated clothes feel new again:

1. Incorporate a splash of color.

Nothing brightens up a dreary outfit like a splash of bright color! Even the most basic pieces and old garments can feel rejuvenated when color adds a little life to them, so this is one of the simplest ways to make your old outfits feel new.

The idea is to add small pops of color to your basic pieces, which will make "boring" items like jeans, a plain t-shirt, or a white shirt feel brand new.

2. Mix and match prints.

Prints are normally worn alone, but what about when they're blended together? That, on the other hand, is an entirely different ballgame! Nothing shouts "new look" like mixing and matching bold prints and seeing what you come up with.

It can transform a semi-average blouse and semi-ordinary dress into something that is anything but ordinary.

3. Accessorize excessively.

My credo is usually "less is more," but there are instances when "more is more." Especially when it comes to updating your clothing. It's not like you need it, but simply because someone has given you the permission to over accessorize.

When you add tons of gold goodies to a simple gray tee, it doesn't look that simple anymore! Make this suggestion work for your own unique flair.

4. Mix and match styles (fancy with casual).

Mixing styles is the best method to make your old clothes look new again. You may do this in a variety of ways, as well! Avoid believing that your fancy is only for special occasions, your coat is only for the office, and your sneakers are only for walks.

Have you figured out where I'm heading with this? When you mix and match styles, you'll find yourself with a plethora of unique wardrobe options! Combine your gorgeous slip dress with your casual denim shirt and your errand-only sneakers. You now have a new and improved look.

5. Finish with a print.

The perfect print can take a nice suit and turn it into something even cooler.

Switch out the same piece you always wear with a print to give your favorite go-to outfit pairings a new lease of life! Instead of wearing my typical ankle boots, I teamed the outfit below with leopard print high heels, which feels completely different to me! What are some ways you can do this in your own closet?

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