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Check Out 10 Interesting Things You Can Do With Nail Polish

1. Use clear nail polish to keep new costume jewelry from tarnishing.

The metal oxidizes and changes color when exposed to air. Clear lacquer keeps the air out of your costume jewelry, keeping it appearing new. Try Duri Miracote Fast Drying Topcoat, a transparent nail polish. (Note that this method will not work on tarnished items).

2. Use clear nail polish to keep a run in your stockings from getting worse.

You've experienced it: you're at work or at an event when you notice a run in your tights. Keep a little bottle of clear nail polish on hand and apply it over the tear to prevent it from getting worse. As it hardens, it will aid in stopping the run.

3. Use nail polish to change the color of costume jewelry in an instant.

To create your own DIY version of a Tom Binns Design, paint the faux jewels with a splash of color, such as vibrant green, orange, pink, or even a sleek white hue, if you're weary of your old statement necklace, dangling earrings, or cocktail ring.

Simply put the accessory flat on a paper towel or, in the case of earrings, hold it in your hand by the back and start painting.

4. To add some color to your hairstyle, paint your regular bobby pins a vibrant color or use glitter polish.

Hold the bottom piece (the side that juts out further) apart from the top piece and paint only the tops if you want to jazz up your standard bobby pins. After that, place them in an envelope or note card to dry.

5. Thread a needle more quickly by passing it through a base or top coat.

When you're trying to sew on a button and the thread is frayed, trying to get the thread through the tiny needle's hole can be really frustrating.

However, dragging the severed thread through a nail paint brush a few times will harden it and allow you to easily pass it through the needle's eye.

6. Color code your keys so you know which one goes with which lock.

Color-coding your keys is a simple way to remember which key corresponds with which lock if you've recently moved into a new pad. It also enhances the aesthetics of your keyring. And don't worry, a couple of coats won't prevent your key from fitting through the keyhole.

7. Apply a clear top or base coat to the envelopes.

If you don't like licking envelopes, you may easily seal them by applying clear polish on the bottom of the flap (where you'd normally lick it).

8. Keep your nail polish upright in a box with painted stickers on top to show which colors are which.

Paint a strip of polish on an adhesive file folder label, punch out a hole, and attach the paint sample on the top of the nail polish container to keep your polishes organized. Rep for all of your polishes, then place them in a box and store them somewhere cool and dry.

9. Add a splash of color to the sole of your shoe with nail polish.

Paint the soles of your high heels with polish for an easy (and inexpensive!) upgrade.

Colored opaque formulae work best because they don't show the true color of your sole, but you can also use highly glittery paint. Place masking tape along the edge where the shoe meets the sole, just like you would when painting a room, to keep paint from getting on other sections of your shoe.

Allow for drying time after applying the first coat of paint to the sole using a fluffy paintbrush or an old buffing foundation brush. Remove the tape to display a nice polish job if additional layer isn't required.

If you can't find matching shoe polish for your bright shoes, try matching nail polish instead.

However, don't base your decision on a bottle-to-shoe comparison, as the color may appear differently when applied. Apply the color to your nail first and let it dry for a minute to ensure it's a close match to your shoes.

Which of the tricks do you find more interesting? Kindly share with us in the comment section below and also share this piece with someone.

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