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Why Every Well-dressed Man Needs a Turtle Neck

What makes a man trendy and stylish is his ability to blend with every new style in town. Although turtlenecks are not the latest fashion, every fashionable man should own one. A typical turtleneck has a high tight-fitting collar that the wearer can roll down. Most turtlenecks come in sweater materials, but you can find the ones with ordinary stretchy material.

So why would you need this neck-grabbing sweater of all outfits in the world? Read this article to the end to find out why.

1. They provide warmth

While some clothes are versatile and flexible for any event and season, some are restricted for a particular period. Since a regular turtle neck comes in thick or bulky material, you should reserve them for the cold weather. This period is when you can enjoy enhanced warmth without cloaking yourself in many clothes.

2. They make you smart

Turtlenecks are naturally snug to the body, making you look smart and classy when you wear them. However, wearing them also means you risk exposing some imperfection. The solution to this is to wear any jacket over it. In fact, wearing a turtleneck with a suit jacket or blazers is a common trend.

3. No ironing

Ironing takes time, so you are right to detest it. Thanks to their materials, you can wear your turtlenecks without ironing or manually straightening them out.

4. It’s effortless to style.

Turtle neck’s stretchy and cotton materials make them easy to pair with any outfit, including a suit, jacket, jeans, Chino, and any shoes.

5. They are functional

Whether it’s a casual event or formal occasion, a turtle neck top will fit inadequately.

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