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Things To Learn From Angel & Maria's Recent Appearances, That Will Inspire Fashionistas

Popular Big Brother Naija Stars, Maria and Angle are fashionistas who rock classy and inspiring outfits. The recent fashion sense of Maria and Angel, will surely inspire other fashionistas who will come across this content.

Below are the unique things every fashionista should learn, from the recent appearance of Angel and Maria.

1. Choice of Dress and It's Colour were perfect: Looking at the above photo, you will agree with me as a fashionista that their choice of dress were perfect for special events. Such attire are perfect for both outdoor events and also official work/meetings.

Both wore a simple gown that has a matured and simple sewing. Maria's gown is a combo of black and white, and the two colours matched her skin tone, and made her glow in appearance. Also Angel's wear is combo of white, red and black, and those colours also gave her a unique view.

Colour matters so much in your selection of dress. Make sure you rock an attire that has a perfect colour compliment to your skin tone so your appearance can be super great, like the recent fashion sense of Angel and Maria. The designs on their outfit were also great and inspiring.

2. Choice of Footwear was perfect: to every fashionista, the type of footwear you rock is very important, and has a big role to play in your appearance. The type of footwear perfect for the type of attire rocked by Maria and Angel, is a classy high heels, which they wore above.

Also, it's very essential that you rock a high (footwear) that has a similar colour compliment to either your skin or attire. Looking at Maria and Angel's appearance above, their choice of footwear was perfect, as they rocked a classy high heels, which made their appearance look classy and captivating. Also the colour of their heels, as good connection to their outfit, which is a nice choice made by them.

3. Makeup and Hairstyle/Colour: Makeup is another essential fashion item that plays a great role in the appearance of a woman. Your makeup helps to brighten your facial look, and adds more to your beauty.

Every lady should spend time in applying her makeup, so she can look stunning and attracting to sights. I love how they both stars, applied their makeup in a simple and professional way, making all colours connect well.

Also their hairstyle and colour, played another great role in their appearance. Make sure to note the hairstyle you make, as hairstyles and it's colour also matters in your appearance as a fashionista.

Every fashionista who wants to look stunning and unique when stepping out, should take down some important things from the recent fashion sense of Maria and Angel.

Photo Credit: Instagram / theangelbsmith, mariachikebenjamin.

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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