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8 Latest Fashion Trends for the Short Girls - 2020

Girls and women are always obsessed with the latest fashion trends, but Short girls and women always face the problem with the newest fashion trends.

Tall girls are well-suited to almost any type of clothing, and they look stylish in any kinds of clothes and accessories. They do not have to allocate a part of their budget to modify lengths with the seamstress, and most of fashion is designed for them.

On the other hand, short women need to devise specific visual strategies to be able to look better and taller. They need to focus on the individual things which can create an optical illusion with balance and harmony. But do not get depressed, because fashion is also about striving to create the best version of ourselves.

In the following, we will learn 8 golden rules to look higher.

1. Shoes - Always helps for extension of your leg:

If you want to look longer legs, forget about the shoe in a different color than your leg. If its winter and you're wearing black leggings or pants, the shoe should be black. If its summer and your legs are exposed, the shoes should be the color of your leg. And look at the difference.

2. That the clothes fit you:

While the oversized is fashionable, try not to abuse this trend if you are not very tall. The clothes have to fit just right so you do not create too many layers of fabrics on your small body.

3. Use thin belts:

It is recommended that not to wear many belts because they cut your figure, but if you do, use a thin and thin one. A very thick one will only create blocks of color to your figure.

4. Choose the right pants:

The skinny women and the palazzos are good for short women. The first because it draws your body outline and the second because with good platforms, make our legs look long. If you want to go for a pair of pants at the hip, opt for a monochromatic look.

5. Monochromatic:

If you want to look taller and thinner, you must wear monochromatic clothes up and down because they lengthen your figure with the effect of a vertical appearance without cuts. If you always choose neutral and dark colors you will look thinner and the trick will work even more.

6. Show your legs:

If you are small in height, you have a license to show as much leg length as possible. What we recommend is that if you are with a mini short or miniskirt you use something lose up. In case you are with something also tight at the top you can use a layer such as a blazer.

7. Cut to the waist:

The idea of looking higher is to master the proportions. Wear pants, skirts, shorts always at the waist, this will make your legs look longer, a smaller waist and hips more pronounced.

8. Tops with a 'V' neckline:

In the hard task of adding centimeters to your body, this type of necklines can help you a lot. They will make your neck look longer and bring a sexy spot. And if you opt for a closed neck or turtle, add a long necklace.

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