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10 Fashion Hacks For Jeans Everyone Should Know.

Jeans are available everywhere and versatile enough to go on and on with, without bothering about repeating the alliteration as there are many kinds out there due to continuous reinvention. It is like a challenge trying to get the perfect sets in your wardrobe, but when you then get that lovely pair of jeans that becomes your favorite it’s always so hard to let go of them, and when it eventually wears out, we dispose of them grudgingly. 

With good care and maintenance, your jeans can actually stay longer than the time they use before disposing them using these tips: 

Adjusting the length of your boyfriend jeans by rolling them facing up while the skinny jeans are suitably rolled under. 

Always keep your zipper locked in your jeans, it saves you from receiving unnecessary interest from people calling your attention to that opening. 

You don’t have to always worry about belts for your oversized jeans once you have taken in the waist by adding an elastic band around the waist of your jeans to keep them from falling off. 

You can try fixing the holes in your jeans once they rip instead of sending them to the bin. 

Freezing will save your jeans from bacteria and kill the germs instead of washing them all the time, it will prolong the life of your jeans fibers

Plain jeans don't have to look boring all the time, you can spice them up by adding side-stripes yourself to design it. 

Dark-wash Jeans tend to bleach hence fading, I have learnt this little trick of adding vinegar to your final rinse to keep the color intact. 

When cutting your Jeans to your length, always hem the legs first to your length before cutting the leftovers off, so as to not make your jeans look shorter than your desired length. 

You can also add paints of any color to your jeans, you can take them to professionals if you cannot do it yourself. 

Lastly, always use a cold wash for Jeans of any kind, warm wash will attack the fibers and don’t sun dry directly under the sun for too long, it will reduce the quality.

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