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Handsome Guys And Beautiful Ladies Are Born In Which month? See The Answers From Nigerians.

Handsomeness and pulchritude is what every young boy and girl crave respectively. Every young girl is always ready to look beautiful and attractive. As the great Derek Zoolander once said, there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. But the harsh truth can’t be ignored: dashingly handsome gentleman have it better. According to a report in Smithsonian a good-looking man is “poised to make 13 percent more during his career than a ‘looks-challenged’ peer”. The perfect female face, according to researchers at the University of Toronto, has a distance between the pupils of 46 percent of the entire face, and a distance between the eyes and the mouth that is 36 percent of the distance from the hairline to the chin. This is what most girls are looking for. Girls and Boys in South Korea are said to be very attentive to their looks more than any other country in the world. Imagine boys buying makeup?

It is evident that a guy or a girl has something perculiar about him or her that attracts the opposite gender to them. There are several things that can reveal one's personality. One of such things is the month you're born. Astrologers see more than we see. Therefore, astrologically and horoscopically, there are somethings about your handsomeness or beauty that is somewhat perculiar to your birth month. As a boy or a girl, it is also wise to check out and study the horoscopic dictates on handsomeness or beauty of the guy or girl you are dating or planning to date.

Photos Of Handsome Guys:

Photos of Beautiful Ladies:

Recently, the question "Handsome Boys And Beautiful Girls Are Born In Which month?" has brought a lot of comments on Facebook. If you don't know or not sure, you can see from the answers of many people on this.




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