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Yoruba styles of dressing

Yoruba native dress styles are characterized by modesty. Yoruba main cloth is called ASO_OKE (cloth from the hinterlands) . It's the genre of woven clothes that is peculiar to the yoruba.

Yoruba dressing styles is best among the other tribe in Nigeria because the styles differ for men and for women. They have different kind of styles for the genders, the women wear (iro and buba with gele) while the men wear (Esiki and adgada).

 Their mode of dressing is so special and being respectful because none of their body will be left uncovered and they look beautiful when they are on it.

 Nowadays, civilization has taken over the culture and people have no time for their tribe dressing anymore, what they do is just to wear jeans and shirt which I think it's not proper. They only place I do see them wear it is only in ceremonies especially wedding. 


Yoruba has the best mode of dressing is so attractive and beautiful when they wear it, many pictures in this article shows how beautiful they are, it's a great happiness for me when I see them on it especially the females you will think they are boi with it.

 I will be very happy to see yoruba going back to their mode of dressing used in the olden days, but do you think that can come to reality? Let's ask ourselves this question.

The black are most beautiful.

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