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4 Mistakes Guys Make When Buying Ready Made Suits

Most men buy ready made suits because it is easier to get then the tailored ones that needs time and money to make.

However, there are some mistakes that comes with buying ready made suits, this article is going to address 4 of those mistakes.

1) Leaving in the stitching and tags

Ready made suits are sold with tack stitching and tags. These stitching are mostly found on the jackets but it can also be seen on the waist coat of three piece suits.

Tack stitching are present to show it is a new suit that hasn't been worn by someone else, these tax stitching needs to be removed after purchase. The tags are mostly stitched on the suit jacket sleeve, it provides information about the suit, this also needs to be removed.

2) Check the fabric

It is very important to know the fabric of suit you are buying and what season you are going to wear it.

3) Choosing brand over fits and style

It is good to have a brand that you like but do not forfeit a good suit because you don't know the brand of the suit, at the end of the day, if the suit doesn't fit, you may have just wasted hard earn money.

4) Not being open to alterations

Like it or not, there is no way that ready made suits are going to be a perfect fit, even our body have unequal shoulder and different hand lengths. Only a tailored suit can fit you perfectly, it is wise to be open to altering ready made suits after purchase.

Content created and supplied by: AdeMicky_Cutz (via Opera News )


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