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How to Choose the Best Shoe For Your Native Attires

Shoes are very important in our daily activities. Not only are they used in protecting the feet against harmful objects, but they are also used in adding beauty and elegance to our physical appearance.

There are certain things you must consider before combining your shoes with native attire, and they are:

1. Don't wear a shoe that doesn't correspond with the color of your native attire. You can wear a very beautiful outfit, but you will look unattractive simply because your shoe isn't in sync with your clothes. Dark colored shoes like brown, blue, black and green should be worn with light colored Native outfits.

2. If your native wear is very long, it's advisable that you put on a flat shoe. This is because your long outfit might not give you the privilege of walking smoothly, you'll have to keep pulling up your gown at every interval, and it won't be convenient for you to also deal with a shoe that will cause more stress.

3. Plain shoes usually go with plain native wear, but those outfits that have lines and designs are best combined with printed shoes.

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