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Ladies, Does Your Bra Hurts? Here Are Alternatives And Ways To Make Bras More Comfortable(Photos)

If you ask women what the most uncomfortable item of clothing they wear on a daily basis is, the majority of them would say it is a bra. Bras can hurt the back and neck, chafe the skin, and they can even cause the cartilage of the ribcage to become inflamed. The problem is that most women feel better with some support and prefer the shaping bras give. But there are ways to get support without the discomfort of bras.

Here are some alternatives to bras and ways to make bras more comfortable.

Bra Back Extenders:

Sometimes the problem with painful bras is simply that the bra is too tight around the torso. A bra extender might be the solution if your bra is the right cup size, but is too small around your rib cage.

Bra back extenders simply clip onto the hooks of the bra and make the bra less tight by adding a few inches. They come in multiple hook styles and will match most basic bra colors.

Bras with No Underwire:

The problem with bras for some people is that the underwire hurts them. It can poke as you move and sometimes it will dig into your sides. Choosing a bra that does not have underwire can be more comfortable. There are lots of bras without underwire that offer good support.

Skimpier bras without underwire are typically less supportive and pleasant than fuller bras. Look for bras that don't have any underwires and have soft material around the bottom. Generally, wider bottom bands are more comfortable.

Homemade Bras: It never occurs to most women to make their own bra. But making a custom bra could be the solution for many women who can't find bras that fit correctly.

There are many bra sewing patterns available online or in fabric stores. If you know how to sew, making a bra should be a relatively easy project.

If you don't know how to sew, see if one of your friends would be willing to make a bra for you or check around locally for a tailor that might make one for you. A homemade bra might be the end of bra pain from bras that don't fit in properly.

Sports Bras: Sports bras are an alternative to uncomfortable regular bras. They offer plenty of support without underwires. They're usually composed of flexible material that moves with you when you walk.

The drawback of wearing sports bras is that they aren't the most attractive undergarments, especially underneath fitted and dressy clothes. But there are sports bras that offer comfortable support with a bit more shape.

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