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Tips On How To Look Taller In Your Outfits

Most of my friends whose height could be described as short or average always speak to me about how much they wished to they were taller. As a short man myself, I know how much I marvel at tall men in jeans, suits or in our very own 'Agbada.'

After making doing some research, I discovered that there are simple fashion tips you can apply to make you appear taller than you look.

These 'dress hacks' was shared by an expert male stylist Brock Mcgoff who runs the YouTube channel 'Modest Man'.

In the video, the fashion stylist shared five tips to make you look above your regular height;

1. Make your clothes fitted, that is, you outfit should not be bogus. A bogus outfit makes you look unkempt, short and unprofessional.

2. Pay attention to your accessories. Let's take watches for example, a man with a thin hand should not wear big and wide watch - it makes his look shorter.

Also, if you have a big wrist, try to get a watch that fits the size of your hand.

3. Avoid colour contrast outfits. Make sure the texture of your shirt and trouser is matching or at least relative.

Example of colour contrast: white shirt and black trousers. While a matching color outfit is dark blue shirt and black trousers.

4. Put on small-scaled pattern clothes instead of the big scaled. The small scale pattern elongates your figure, unlike the other.

5. Wear high rise trousers. The position of a man's waistline plays a great role in how tall he appears. If you keep your trousers high rise close to your belly button, it enlongates your figure and perceived waistline.

These tips are simple and applicable tips My outfit and figure looks elongated since I started practising it. You Should Try It Out.

Do You Find These Tips Helpful? What Other Fashion Tips Do You Want Us To Share With You? Let Us Know In The Comment Section.

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