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How to Treat Baby’s Diaper Rash (Diaper Dermatitis)

Diaper rash, also known as diaper dermatitis, is a general term describing inflammatory skin conditions that occur in the diaper area. Diaper rash is often related to wet or infrequently changed diapers and skin sensitivity.

Common symptom of diaper rash is rashes and redness in the diaper area including buttocks, thighs, and genitals. In more severe cases, the rash can cause blisters, or other sores. If the rash gets infected, the skin may get swollen, red patches or spots may spread beyond the main part of the rash, even outside the diaper area.

Easy Steps to Treat Diaper Rash

1. Vaseline.

Vaseline protects the diaper area from Irritations caused by urine and feces.

Wash baby’s bottom and dry it gently with a clean soft towel. Apply a layer of Vaseline over the areas where the diaper may may touch. Put on a fresh diaper loosely to allow better air circulation.

2. Change Soiled Diaper Immediately.

The main cause of diaper rash is prolonged exposure to urine wetness or moisture to a baby’s skin. Always keep this areas dry and clean and dry to prevent diaper rash.

Gently wash the diaper area with warm water and mild, fragrance-free soap. Rinse and dry completely and always change diapers immediately after they are soiled with urine.

3. Corn Starch.

Cornstarch promotes the healing process of cracked skin and absorbs the excessive moisture from the baby’s skin keeping it dry. Cornstarch prevents rash to occur by reducing the friction between baby’s butocks.

** Do not use cornstarch for your baby if rashes are caused by yeast infections. If after the first application the rash becomes worse, discontinue use and apply only diaper rash ointment containing zinc oxide or petroleum jelly like Vaseline.

4. Breast Milk.

Breast milk can be very effective and a safe treatment for diaper rash.

Squirt a little breast milk on the affected area.

5. Plantain Oil.

Plantain oil contains anti-allergic properties which helps to relieve inflammation associated with diaper rash. It is very effective for treating diaper rash caused by allergy.

Wash fresh plantain leaves with a little salt, Crush the clean leaves with your hands and apply the them to the diaper skin areas with each diaper change.

6. Zinc Oxide Cream.

Zinc contains a powerful antioxidant which reduces inflammation and kills bacteria.

Wash baby’s buttock and dry it gently with a clean soft baby towel. Apply a layer of the Zinc oxide cream over the diaper areas. Put on a fresh diaper loosely.

7. Evening Primrose Oil.

Primrose oil serves as a gentle anti-inflammatory treatment.

Apply primrose oil or lotion to baby’s diaper skin areas each time you change diaper.

8. Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil provide a soothing effect on the skin of your baby. It contains healing properties that can treat diaper rash and inflammations, providing quick relief.

Wash baby’s bottom and dry gently with a clean baby towel. Warm 1 teaspoon of coconut oil a little and gently apply the oil to the affected area. Allow it to dry before putting on a new diaper.

What has been your experience dealing with diaper rashes?

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Diaper Rash


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