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Skin Care

5 Tips To Keep Your Lip Beautiful And Healthy(Photos)

Just like the eyes, our lips also enhance the attractiveness of our face. Due to pollution and due to rampant use of harsh cosmetics, lips tend to turn dark and lose their natural beauty over time and then we are forced to depend on cosmetics even more. But what if you could find a few ways to avoid this, sounds good right?

To regain your lips natural color and beauty, here are some tips for beautiful lips which will help you regain the soft, luscious and kissable lips look.

1. Use Lipsticks Sparingly: Lipsticks are basically a mixture of wax, pigments, fragrance, oils and alcohol and different kinds of these ingredients are used in combination to get the desired product. Chemicals as we all know are not the best option when it comes to prolonged contact with the body but we also know most ladies can't do without using lipsticks also. So therefore, it's important you use lipsticks only when you need them the most. They contain chemicals, which are not good for your lips but if you have to use them, make sure you use them with Shea butter, Vitamin E etc that moisturize your lips. Lastly go for good brands if you need a lipstick.

2. Keep Lips Hydrated: Water as we all know is very important for our body and maintaining a required percentage is essential or the effects will show on your skin too. To retaining the natural color of lips, it is essential to maintain hydration levels by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to retain the natural moisture of your lips.

3: Avoid Licking or Biting your Lips And Always Moisturize:

Dermatologists advise not to lick the lips to keep them wet because in the process you are further drying them out and this can lead to darkening of the lips. And also, the habit of biting lips should be avoided as there is the risk of damaging them, instead keep a moisturizing lip balm handy for application as it protects and conditions your lips.

4. Use Lip Products with SPF: UV rays have the same damaging effect on your lips as it does on the skin and so exposing yourself to harsh sun rays can make your lips get darker. Always use lip products that contain SPF to protect your lips when you need to spend time outside during daytime.

5. Exfoliate at least once a week:

Skin cells undergo a constant process of replacing the dead layer of cells on the outside with a fresh layer of cells. This is the process that keeps your skin soft and supple. But when this layer isn’t completely shed, then your skin looks dead and dull. The same things also happens with your lips. So try using natural lip scrub at least once every week to remove dead cells and dry skin from your lip

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