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Different Ways to Combine Gele Head Wraps With Damask Or Ankara Outfits

Damask outfits are usually very beautiful, and that is why lots of women prefer wearing them to several events.

HHowever, there are still different ways to make your damask outfits look even more beautiful on you, and this could be achieved by combining them with gele head wraps.


So many women think gele head wraps are only used to hide their hair whenever it looks rough, but they don't know that they can also be used for so many other things, like adding beauty to their appearance.

Ankara attires are also beautiful, but more beautiful with the combination of gele head wraps.

There are basically four ways to combine your head wrap with damask or lace outfits, and they are:

1. Wearing head wraps with damask or ankara attire of the same color; this look will make you stand out because your clothes and head wrap will be the same color.

2. You can also wear beautiful jewelry while wearing your gele head wrap with damask or Ankara.

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Ankara Gele


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