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How to maintain your weave

How to maintain your weave

Weaves differ in texture 

Some are strong others are soft depending on the make .

Most times after one use your weave takes the nature of a spongy look. Making you stranded on how to chose the next best weave to fix.

But there are many ways to maintain your weave after use.

We have different categories of weave but I would talk on just two types of weave.


Human hair weaves are usually expensive and requires diligence in maintainace . Good quality human hair should last up to two to three years if properly taken care of.

These are few ways to maintain your human hair

1. Comb your human hair layer by later this allows it to be free from tangles

2. Use small amounts of argon oil if your hair loses its shine.

3. Matt the human hair if u are not going out it helps keep your human hair soft and free from tangling

4.Wash with shampoo and conditioner with warm water it maintains good fragance and reduces dirt clustering . It’s best to comb your weave when it’s wet, and only use a wide-toothed comb to gently work out the tangles from can only use boiling water when you want to change your human hair design from straight to curly

5. Wrap your hair up loosely using a satin scarf when going to sleep. Never go to sleep with a wet weave, since that can cause moldiness.


Synthetic hair has given people the that "once and for all use" once you use the synthetic hair and loosen it,it goes straight to the dust bin.

But synthetic hair can be used more than once if managed well.

These are a few ways to maintain the synthetic hair

1. Always comb it or use fingers to run the hair to prevent it from tangling

2. Don't use oil .They can cause matting and tangles as they weigh down the weave. Use small amounts of argon oil if your hair loses its shine.

3. Brush and tuck in your hair net when you are indoors sweat helps to Fasten the tangling of your hair never go to bed with wet hair 

4. Brush layer by layer when loosening it and keep in a closed weavon pack to prevent dust from entering it.

5. Depending on how much you sweat or work out, you will need to wash the human hair weave with shampoo and mild warm water.

You can only use a boiling water when you want to change the design of your synthetic hair

6. A good anti-bacterial weave spray is necessary to kill any bacteria in your weave, as well as to keep it fresh and untangled . Use it once a day.

These easy steps can help you maintain your weave and rock it like it's the first time you are using the weave

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