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Stay Away From Using Lip Sticks: Take A Look At The Harm It Does To Your Lips And Body

The mineral oils utilized in lipsticks obstruct the skin pores and are answerable for some permanent harmful effects.

The most significant segment in a lady's make-up pack is likely the lipstick. No make-up pack is finished without one (or many, thinking about the various shades and brands). They added beauty to your pout without a doubt.

In any case, at what cost? Lipsticks comes with some unavoidable side effects, on account of its manufacturing materials. Ladies wear lipstick when they head out from home and keep wearing it throughout the day at times even to bed. 

Numerous lipsticks contain lead, which is very unsafe and causes irreversible health harm. They cause irritation, allergy, and drying on the lips and the surrounding skin. Certain hurtful chemicals and heavy metals can likewise cause cancer. 

Here are some serious side effects of utilizing lipsticks consistently that may be harmful to you

1. Heavy metals cause renal failure 

Lipsticks contain unsafe heavy metals like cadmium, magnesium and chromium. Every one of these metals can cause diseases and organ damage. Very high measures of cadmium can expand the danger of renal failure. Frequent use of lipstick can cause extreme stomach pains. 

2. Lead is unsafe to the nervous system 

Lead is a typical constituent in many lipsticks. Lead is a neurotoxin that harmfully affects the nervous system. It can likewise cause brain damage, hormonal imbalance and infertility. 

3. Petrochemicals may influence the development 

Numerous lipsticks have petrochemicals as a typical ingredients, which have destructive reactions. Petrochemicals are a by product of crude oil and natural gas. It can cause endocrine disturbance that fills in as a deterrent for growth, development, intelligence and reproduction. 

4. Preservative used in lipstick cause cancer 

The additives utilized in lipsticks are formaldehyde and parabens that are known cancer causing agents. Lipsticks that use these additives cause irritation of the eyes, coughing, wheezing and irritation on skin. The mineral oils used in lipsticks block the skin pores and are answerable for some permanent harmful impacts. 

5. Chemicals in lipstick hurt the body 

Despite the fact that bismuth oxychloride is a chemical used to preserve the lipstick, it is very harmful for the body. The harmful impact of lipsticks is because of the cancer causing property of this ingredient. The propylparabens go about as preservative simply like formaldehyde. 

6. Lipstick increases poison ingestion 

Lipsticks are worn more often than not, including when eating out. Ladies ingest them coincidentally while eating, long after they are applied. This increases the effect of the poisons present in lipsticks. The lipstick or lip gloss bring about ladies surpassing the daily intake allowed for aluminum, cadmium, chromium and manganese. These accumulation in the body after some time and cause become toxic. The admission of these metals are more than 20 percent of their accepted daily intake (ADI) limits. ADI is the most extreme measure of a poison that an individual can be presented to with no significant health risk. 

So here are some significant symptoms brought about by the harmful chemical substances and heavy metals present in leading brands of lipsticks and lip gloss. Whenever you wear your lipstick, ensure you wear one that doesn't contain these harmful ingredients. 

On the lighter side, even men are vulnerable against the side effect brought about by lipstick stain on their shirts, when they are caught by their wives who understand that the lipstick stain on their shirt doesn't belong to them.

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