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See what a lady was seen doing in an oil mill factory that sparked reactions online

A beautiful lady has emerged in a video online doing an intense work which sparked reactions online.

According to the video shared by Twitter user online, the beautiful lady wore a green summer sleeveless trap dress was allegedly seen starting a big Lister generator in an undisclosed oil mill factory.

She was seen bare-footed and stained with red oil which is locally extracted by some of this local machines in different regions, cities, states and especially villages in Nigeria where their production is almost continues.

Lister generator can prove stubborn and will require a lot of power and energy for some ladies, but she grabbed the starter and powered the engine after some putting huge efforts into pulling the starter round to turn and Kick-start the turbine engine.

And after she successfully turned the engine on, she went over to the other side to get the palm kennel seed from a reserve tank loaded with palm kernel seeds.

Other individuals were also seen in the video allegedly helping out in the local extracting factory where oil is obtained after going through some processes in the bid to produce the liquid vigor which is sold as palm oil.

See reactions from people online –

Watch video from the link below –

“Pictures for illustrative purposes”

What is your take on this lady’s effort to start a Lister generator?

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