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Serious advice from ladies to guys

Men here are things you need to know. But before we get to that, there are few things you should know.

It is commonly known that guys have about twenty times more testosterone than that of ladies.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes men to become sex chasers, but there is more to that as it also gives guys their manly features at puberty, muscles that you see on them, the beard and also the deep voice.

Failure to defeat this hormones makes men to become hot and chase after ladies just for the fun of it or most times for sex. Dopamine and Oxytocin makes them to do the opposite involving more of love.

Also note that ladies due to a low testosterone level don't really have that same drive to pursue the opposite sex but there is a something you should know. Ladies unlike guys enjoy sex more than guys, and I will give you reason for that.

Ladies can last much longer than guys during sex. This is due to the fact that most ladies do not orgasm as quick as guys. Ladies can go several rounds that even the guy might get tired. When it also comes to sex, most times for the guys is just increased testosterone at work and after releasing they don't really feel much desire for the lady. But for a lady it will involve more than just testosterone at play except if she is a runs girl, it is will be much deeper. It takes a combination of at least three hormones at work, dopamine, oxytocin, testosterone etc. So there's more physical and emotional connection to them.

Now going straight to the advice from ladies that guys should hear. Ladies like to express themselves in fashion and make up anyhow they feel good in, be it in a sexy or modest way it is their body after all. But is this a good and moral behaviour? Not really the point but guys should just go with it.

For guys out there the more you learn how to control your testosterone urge for sex, the better the real man you become in every way.

Firstly you will no longer have two heads but one reasonable working head, which will help you to take good decision. Things like rape allegations that is trending this days will be few. Few because some ladies are still capable of accusing guys falsely but few anyways.

Secondly, your maleness will increase by far, chasing for sexual pleasure decreases guys masculinity, you most times lose value and respect in the eyes of such ladies when not reciprocated most especially for all those that never give up, that is toxic masculinity while the art of seduction builds up your masculinity.

Thirdly, guys who are not really controlled by testosterone drive for sex pleasure will surely notice that the power of the females bodies over them has drastically reduced. They would still like ladies but in the appropriate way and in turn their value in a lady's eyes will increase. Those kind of guys get asked out more often by females (probably by words or sometimes misleadingly) than the conventional guys or the chase is made kind of easy for them as there is already an emotional connection that she feels for him. They also tend to stay longer in relationships as their type are scarce. These are some reasons, more exist. Guys change your mindset and you'll surely change the game.

In summary if guys should add good or average looks to the picture and a steady source of income, they'll definitely become hot cake!

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