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How to get a tattoo without going through the normal process

How To Get a Tattoo Without Going Through The Normal Process

For those of you who don't know you can actually customize your own tattoo by yourself and it will last for more that a decade,well yes you can. Today I'm going to be showing you how to get your tattoo without the normal process but before we kick off into the procedure, please ensure to click on the follow button to get more article like this and on relationship & parental advice, I still remain Joseph Uchechukwu.

This is actually for people who want to get tattoo but are seared/afraid of the pain (needle) or don't really have the money to get one, you can actually do it with a friend to make it more fun, after getting the tattoo done and you need to make some correction you can actually rub it off by doing the spray (any body spray), note after getting the tattoo done, you can get it off if you like with a body spray. Without wasting much of your time here are the things you'll need to get it done.

Your going to be working with some home made appliances or what you have at home,to start up you'll need a;

1. Pen(any pen of your choice).

2. Face powder(any powder).

3. Any body cream but I do recommend Vaseline.

4. A candle.

5 Colgate toothpaste, you can actually use any toothpaste but I do recommend a Colgate toothpaste, to bring out the brightness of your tart.


* Get your pen and draw any type of tattoo you want.

* After getting the tattoo on your hand, add some amount of powder to your hand,rub for like 2 minute.

* Draw your tattoo again to make it bold and apply your powder again, do this 3 times.

* Apply your Vaseline on your hand,rub for 2 minute or more.

* Get your candle, light it on and apply on your hand,do not bring it too close to your hand to avoid getting your skin burnt, put the candle not to close to your hand for 3 minute.

* After that,get your Colgate toothpaste, apply a little bit by applying it on the tip of your finger, rub for 2 minute.

Then your tattoo is good to go, you can now show your tattoo anywhere, if you don't have the Colgate toothpaste i recommend only rub your Vaseline and powder which will last for 6 month,for those don't know how to get your permanent tattoo by yourself now you know. Please ensure to like, share and comment on this article, I still remain Joseph Uchechukwu, please do have a wonderful weekend.

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