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How To Dress In A Smart And Casual Way

To know what the smart casual look is all about we have to first break down the meaning, smart casual look are simply outfits that makes you look intellectual and relaxed at the same time.

When asked to imagine smart people dressing, the first thing that comes to mind is someone wearing suits or lab coat and a pair of recommended glasses. But the smart and casual is a much cooler version of the typical smart people dressing style.

Smart casual look is usually between extreme casual and extreme formal, to make it more clearer, these are outfits more formal than tracksuits and less formal than suits. A typical outfit that is best to portray this look is a blazer, T-shirt and jeans.

There are basically two types of smart casual looks which are the formal and the informal.


There are 3 essential clothing which are to be used to achieve this look. First, a covering (jacket or blazer), the trouser ( chinos) and a button up shirt. The shoe can either be a boot or leather dress shoes.


A jacket or cardigan can be used, jeans trousers, white T-shirt and a casual white sneakers.

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