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Ladies, Can You Still Remember The Names Of These Secondary School Hairstyles?

In Life, there are two types of learning. First, we learn from home (Informal), and Second -in a school setting (Formal). 

A school is a place where learning and teaching take place. And it's also one of the journeys everyone passes through that they can never forget the experiences, the friends they made, and some particular events that happened.

 Everyone remembers their secondary school days. It was a rough time but worth it. 

 Both males and females needed to look their best every week. Males were expected to cut their hair low. While the females weaved their hair according to the hairstyles called for that week. And failure to adhere to these brought about strict punishments from either the school prefect or teachers.  Irrespective of these strict rules. Some students still refused to comply.

In this article, we will be looking at different pictures of hairstyles.

What hairstyle do you still remember? And what style can you still do?

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