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5 Etiquette of Wearing Anklets

One of the accessories that beautify the legs is an anklet. They come in various forms, including metal, cotton, leather, and beads. Anklets are mostly worn with casual outfits, and you see them more at the beach, where the feet and legs are exposed. The goal is to draw attention to the legs and make them more attractive.

Also known as Ankle bracelets, they are pretty versatile as you can wear anything with them. You may make it an everyday fashion accessory or wear it during the summertime or on special occasions. Whichever style you choose, it will look pretty on you. 

Nonetheless, it is not enough to wear an anklet; you must follow some rules attached to ensure you are wearing them appropriately. Learn about the rules in this article as we take them one after the other.

Wear anklets to the right occasion

While anklets look like accessories you can wear every day, they don't belong to a formal setting or workplace. Unless you work in a fashion store or a more relaxed workplace, keep your anklets at home. Places you can wear your ankles include the poolside, beach, festival, and vacations spots.

Wear with bare legs

You can choose to wear your anklets on either leg, but never wear them with skinny jeans or panty holes. They are meant for bare legs. As such, you can wear them when you wear a short gown, shorts, and mini skirts. Although people defy this rule all the time, it is important to mention it.

Wear the right size

Anklets should fit your ankle comfortably. To get your size, wrap a measuring tape tightly around your ankles and add half an inch. What you get is your anklet size.

Your anklets should complement your shoes

Remember that the purpose of an anklet is to beautify your legs. Wearing any shoes can clash with this beauty. Instead, opt for beautiful shoes. If you are at a pool, ensure your flip-flops are colorful and attractive.

Wear with pride and confidence

Wearing ankles can make you admirable, but you have got to match it with the right personality. Let it blend with your entire outfit and other accessories.

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